The Launch: America's Pinterest Board

In the middle of Times Square, a digital billboard will serve as America’s Pinterest Board, inviting America to pin up whatever they’re saving for—everything from that clawfoot tub to a trip around the world.

How Do People Declare?

People can declare what they want to save for, by using the #SavingFor hashtag on Pinterest. They can do this via mobile device, laptop or on-site kiosk. Pins would then be culled and re-pinned on the Chase Pinterest board and the digital billboard in Times Square.

Boosting Awareness

Chase would partner with Pinterest Influencers, the ambassadors to this world of sharing. Every day they discuss their interests with millions of followers—that conversation can now touch on how people can save for their aspirations.

Promoted Pins / Targeted Ads

People can gain awareness to Chase Savings products via promoted pins On Facebook, ads can target audience segments (like fans of clawfoot bathtubs) and ask if they’re saving for something very specific like “What tub are you saving for?”

Sharing Know-how

The Chase Pinterest Board is the place to go for declarations, inspiration and support. Visitors can also take a deep dive to get savings tips and learn more about Chase Savings products.

Celebrate Savings With ATMs

Chase ATM screens will show what people are saving for in Chase’s footprint across the nation. This is an opportunity to spread awareness as well as reward/encourage savers.

Celebrate Success: #SavingSelfies

eople who have successfully saved are invited to take #SavingSelfie and post it on Instagram and Facebook, where they will also challenge their friends to save.

The Big Celebration

One lucky Pinterest user will receive the surprise of their life when a celebrity shows up at their doorstep and whisks them away in a Chase helicopter. They’ll be flown to the airport so they can finally take a trip to that place they’ve always wanted to go to. Or, visit the place where their favorite thing is manufactured. These interactions would all be filmed to create more sharable content about Chase and saving.

Chase | What are you #SavingFor?

A beautiful new bathroom. An exotic tropical vacation. A totally fabulous new clutch bag. Every day, people pin, post and share the things they want. It’s fun and it’s easy. But actually making those wishes come true requires saving money—something many have trouble doing. Chase wanted to develop a program to mitigate the process by educating, encouraging and celebrating people during their savings journey.

What are you #SavingFor?” is a social campaign centered around Pinterest to help people focus on their savings goals, share with them friends while gaining exposure to Chase savings products.

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